Monday, April 9, 2012

Being al0ne.

.. Assalamualaikum ..

Do you rather being alone or with a group of people, esp your friends?
if someone did ask me, i definitely say Yes!
i prefer to be alone if i can't get along well with the rest of the people in that particular group..
Sounds 'berlagak' right?
but, that's truly me. sometimes we sacrifice ourselves just to become collectivism and not being looking as individualism. but do you ever..ever..think about your own feelings?
tak paham?
i'll make it simple.
kalau you're join some group to juz nak cover yourself dari dilihat kera sumbang-seh, sanggup ke you jadi macam orang bodoh bila yang lain dok borak sesama sendiri n pretend that you are not there?
sanggup??kalau sanggup silakan.

okeh. how's bad being alone n how's g00d being al0ne?
no one knows the exact answer.
it depend on how you see being alone can affect yourself.
tak salah kalau menyendiri. kalau berkumpulan dikatakan sbg pandai membawa diri, then why being alone is equal to kera sumbang? 

you are what you are. 
don't sacrifice yourself juz to lo0k good in other people's eye.
whether you're good or bad, they won't stop talking.
so...juz do whatever you wanted to. 
but, don't take too long in your lonely zone coz there's at least someone who need you the most..

that's aLL.thank y0u for reading.

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